Jill Cloutier is an environmental educator, freelance writer, and videographer. Jill is the producer of Sustainable World Radio.  With over twenty years of experience in researching and writing about sustainability and related topics, Jill loves to educate people about the natural world through writing, radio, and video. She is a Permaculture Design Course Graduate who loves Permaculture and believes that Permaculture provides answers to many of the problems facing us today. The Permaculture ethics sum up her approach to life: ‘Care for the Earth. Care for each other. Share the surplus.’


5 responses to “About

  1. ZB

    Love the podcast! Thanks for providing this valuable service!

  2. Your blog is fantastic and I’m so excited to start listening to your podcast! I can’t BELIEVE I’ve not been a subscriber all along. Thanks for your support of Rotten Botany!

  3. Hi Jill,
    I just came across this page and it looks great. You may want to check out a place called Adamama Farm. Adamama Farm is a permaculture and ecological farm in the North of the Negev Desert, Israel.

    Adamama was established in 2003 as an inspirational demonstration, education and experimentation center adopting the ways of sustainable agriculture, lifestyle, community and up-cycling, and, as a place for finding the balance between man and nature. For more info on the place go to http://www.adamama.org/ 🙂

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