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MULCH- Good News for You and the Soil

Mulch Magic. Our friend and teacher Dr. Mike Gonella demonstrates the art of mulching.

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MULCH- what a descriptive word for an excellent method that keeps your garden healthy and your plants thriving. Mulching is an easy cost-effective way to recycle green waste, hydrate your garden beds and soil and increase the population of  soil food web inhabitants .

Mulching mimics what happens to plant materials that fall onto a forest floor. Leaves and other plant debris are decomposed by the soil organisms, including the mighty FBI- fungi, bacteria and invertebrates.  Adding a layer of mulch to your garden, about 4″ high, keeps these critters on site; improving your soil with their presence and activities.

When you mulch, you are stacking functions, a concept found in Permaculture. Mulching not only increases the fertility and moisture content of  your soil, it also alleviates weeds, so you don’t have to pull the weeds out yourself or use toxic herbicides.

What can you use for mulch? Pretty…

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Permaculture Basics For Gardeners

Earth Care. People Care. Fair Share. The three ethics of Permaculture can be used in your garden to make your plants and soil thrive. Permaculture design is based on the observation of nature and when applied in your garden can increase crop yields, improve plant and soil health and lessen your work load.

To learn  how to apply Permaculture design in the garden, I spoke with Christopher Shein, a Permaculture teacher, seed saver, gardener and activist. Christopher is the author of the Vegetable Gardener’s Guide To Permaculture: Creating An Edible Ecosystem.

Christopher Shein

Christopher Shein

Click here to listen to my interview with Christopher on Sustainable World Radio.

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