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Grass, Soil, Hope- Solutions to Climate Change

Courtney White is the author of the new book Grass, Soil, Hope- A Journey through Carbon CountryA former activist and archaeologist, Courtney co-founded the Quivira Coaltion, a nonprofit dedicated to building bridges between ranchers, conservationists and environmentalists.


In this interview Courtney talks with Jill Cloutier about the soil beneath our feet and how soil, plants, and the carbon cycle may be the most viable solution to climate change that we have. By implementing land management strategies that create the conditions for longterm atmospheric CO2 sequestration in our soils, we can participate in the carbon cycle in a beneficial way. Climate-friendly agriculture and grazing has the potential to create a healthier planet for all, with more nutritious food, improved ecosystem services, habitat protection, increased food production, water conservation and a remineralization of our soils and bodies.

Listen to Grass, Soil, Hope Podcast Episode Here


Learn about how you can become a carbon caretaker. Let’s all work together to create healthy soil!

After listening to this episode you will gain a new appreciation for wetlands, bogs, grasslands and beavers!

If you’d like to see Courtney White in our documentary The Soil Solution To Climate Change click here. 


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Wake Up And Smell The…Spruce?!

Black Spruce, Latin name Picea mariana, is my new BFF.  I’ve never met a Black Spruce in person, but I’ve been spending my mornings with its essential oil and I think it’s making me a better person.

Native to North America,  Black Spruce is a coniferous evergreen and slow-growing tree that grows up to 25m tall. The needles (and sometimes the twigs) of the tree are used to make its essential oil. Essential oils are concentrated liquids extracted from plants. Black Spruce oil has an uplifting, clearing and purifying fragrance that seems to wake me up and calm me down at the same time. I learned about Black Spruce essential oil at an Aromatherapy seminar that I recently attended in San Rafael, California taught by Kurt Schnaubelt and Monika Haas of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy (PIA).

The seminar was a fragrance lovers’ dream. Oils would be introduced, pictures of the plant would be shown and then, for the pièce de résistance, smell strips would be passed out and enjoyed. (Mostly enjoyed, a few of the oils weren’t as pleasant to smell.) We learned and talked about over 50 oils, including some I’d never heard of in my long decades of using these amazing plant extracts including Cape Chamomile, which smells like Spring and Hyssop decumbens, so light and friendly an oil, that I now count it as a favorite.  Continue reading

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My neighbor thinks that she owns a bird

says she owns him

That his beating heart and trembling body

belong to her.

I’ve seen his soul leave,

his excitement grow,

when birds who fly

wait outside the cage

to speak gentle bird wildness with him.

The metal nest is hers,

the plastic perch

the food from a box

he doesn’t have to look for or find.

It’s always there,

the small round dish

the saucer of water.

In the mirror on the side

he can see how proud he is

for company.

He sits, mostly singing

loudly, just before the sun slips forward and back.

Greets the light and dark equally

with delicate bits of song

which sound like lace

and how the purest heart would sing.

And once,

during a graceful pause

his voice filled the air

calling the sun to appear.

Reminding me

that it takes immeasurable moments

of sunrises and falls

to create wisdom.

To accept closed doors

and still,

to sing.

by Jill Cloutier


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What Can Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein Learn From a Worm?

After reading the small (and beautiful) book, Slow Money by Woody Tasch, I believe that Blankfein and other heavyweights in the “Too Big to Fail” financial sector might be well-advised to carefully observe, take note of, and even hang out with some earthworms.  Continue reading


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